5 Southwestern Spring Escapes

Dive into the natural wonders of the region this season

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Behold local flora

Browse Southwestern nurseries full of succulents and Arizona flowers at the Tucson Botanical Garden.

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Explore a foodie paradise

Spring is the best time for a stroll through Albuquerque's food-loving neighborhood, just east of downtown (EDo, get it?).

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Get up close to cacti

Explore Phoenix’s cutting-edge gardens and open spaces before summer heat sends you indoors.

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Stock up on native plants

Spring in Phoenix is prime time for nursery shopping. Pick your plants, then either follow your nose to the heavenly scent of citrus groves in bloom, or head for a hike with breathtaking city views.

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Cool off in the water

Stroll along Reno's Truckee River Walk with a view of the cool Sierra Nevada peaks in the distance. Better yet, get in the water for a cool-off, a mellow drift, or an adrenaline-pumping ride. In the spring, all the action is on the river.

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