Exhibit premieres at science center's new wing

The Aston Martin DB5 is there, plus the missile-launching leg cast and the dagger-accessorized orange bikini. Bond. James Bond. The Exhibition inaugurates the Arizona Science Center’s new 16,000-square-foot wing.

The Phoenix center’s addition, completed in October, gives the Bond show plenty of space to tell the tale of how Ian Fleming’s novels gave rise to the movie series. The winding exhibit lets you listen to theme music, sit in M’s office, and examine Q’s gadgets, including a decapitating tea tray. Check out dossiers of Oddjob, Jaws, and other fiends, as well as the sultry costumes of the femmes fatales. Along the way, interactive computer kiosks test your spy skills and knowledge of 007 trivia.

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Shaken…The Bond exhibit at the Arizona Science Center runs through Apr 24 ($16, $14 ages 3–12; 600 E. Washington St., Phoenix; www.azscience.org or 602/716-2000).

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