A fifth-generation brewer spills insider tips about where to eat and drink, and how easy it is to get into the mountains that surround the city

The Bayou
Courtesy of The Bayou

In 2017, Tommy Fisher Riemondy (along with his partners Colby Frazier, Steve Brown, and Tim Dwyer) reestablished his great-great-grandfather Albert Fisher’s brewing company, 135 years after it first opened. Needless to say, Riemondy and Salt Lake City go way back.


Riemondy goes for the killer breakfast, offered seven days a week, at The Park Cafe. “Good luck getting in there on weekends, but it’s worth the wait for the Michigan Hash or French Toast Foolishness.” He’s also a fan of The Copper Onion, where his go-to order is duck breast with a side of the housemade pickles. 


Beer Bar and The Bayou boast Utah’s best selection of beers,” Riemondy says, with hundreds of beers “to get around some of those pesky Utah alcohol laws.” For the most delicious cocktails in town, he’ll head to Water Witch’s cozy space in the new Granary District. 


“What separates S.L.C. from every other city is how close the mountains are,” says Riemondy. “Take a hike up City Creek Canyon leaving from downtown or head up to Snowbird and take a tram ride to immerse yourself in the mountains that dominate the local culture.” 


Jay Dash Photography

“If you make your way to the tram, you might as well spend the night at Snowbird’s Cliff Lodge and soak in a hot tub up in the mountains,” Riemondy suggests. 

The Cliff Lodge