Dreamy Outdoor Shower on an Oregon Farm
Photographs by Johanna Silver

Photographs by Johanna Silver

Artist/builder/lightning rod Drew Bennett and Brent Bucknum, CEO of Oakland’s Hyphae Design Lab were tasked with building a shower for a campsite on a farm in Salem, OR. True-blue Westerners, they knew only one way to do this sort of project: Make it totally sustainable and totally awesome.

The pair used three existing poplar trees as the posts for the deck, and the rest of the hardscape came exclusively from on-site materials. Cedar from a a friend’s family farm became the planks, and thinner strips of wood became the stylish (if not totally functional) privacy screening.

Check out the little soap dish holder, attached directly to the poplar post.

Water from existing farm infrastructure was then piped through propane heaters and shower heads. They hung some copper piping, draped some shower curtains over it and BAM–epic farm showering experience.

Brent Bucknum and Drew Bennett enjoying their hard work (while practicing good dental hygiene).

I’ll withhold the nudie shots, but let’s just say that this shower got put to good use.

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