Forget car rentals, crowded shuttles and pricy parking lots… you can now Uber to the slopes with all your gear in tow

UberSKI Feature Confirms Extra Space for Skis and Snowboards, Making It Easier Than Ever to Shred This Winter
Getty / Cavan Image

UberSKI is back this winter with its genius idea to offer rides to the ultimate seasonal destination—the slopes—for folks lugging their gear along. UberSKI allows riders to request “UberSKI” vehicles, which are vetted for driving in the snow and, most importantly, have extra space for gear (roof racks, truck beds, etc.) up to four pairs of skis or two snowboards. There’s an extra, flat $8 fee for the service, which seems well worth it so that skiers and riders can get to the slopes easier, faster (and in some cases, cheaper) than they might otherwise be able to, while avoiding the need to rent a car, hop on a slow shuttle or pay for pricy parking.

Look for the UberSKI icon starting mid-December in the following areas: Anchorage, Boise, Eastern Washington, Flagstaff, Portland, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Wyoming, and major Colorado ski towns such as Colorado Springs, Denver, and Fort Collins. Fingers crossed California slopes are next!