Look for a canopy of trees, high ground, room to move, a level place for your tent, and some isolation from other campsites


... offers some isolation from other campsites to lessen impacton neighbors and afford privacy

... sits close to parking (which includes room for extra cars ifgrandparents or others are visiting)

... has a tree canopy that allows morning sun and providesafternoon shade

... rests on high ground so you don't wake up in a cold-airpocket in the morning

... is close to natural features that make fun, age-appropriateadventures for kids

... is near ― but not too near ― the rest room

... provides room to move around

... has a large level area for a big tent

... is within easy walking distance of the ranger's campfireshow

... features a campfire area free of flammable debris and lowoverhanging branches

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