See how the Sunset Breezehouse is put together

Sunset  –  July 7, 2005
Factory made, site finished
The Sunset Breezehouse normally arrives about three months after the factory takes the order, with another month for “button-up work” at the site. For display purposes at Celebration Weekend, the process is condensed.
The two side modules and Breezespace ceiling are constructed in a factory near Vancouver, British Columbia.
A caravan of three long freight trucks arrives at our headquarters from the factory. The house is in six parts: two roof and two floor sections for the Breezespace, and two long modules that include the finished bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and library/guest room/office. The Sunset parking lot serves as temporary building site.
In about five hours, the two modules are lowered onto the foundation, and a 35-ton-capacity crane places each roof section to span the facing walls. Over the next few days, the sections are bolted together and some button-up work is completed.

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