Celebrate spring with a colorful, festive party for kids

The flower technique for the eggs can be used on metal buckets, to give them a retro, ’50s-inspired look. We used lightweight metal buckets―available at most paint stores―but any bucket with a smooth surface will work. The flowers can be peeled off so you can reuse the buckets if you want.



1. Using a flower-shaped punch and text-weight colored paper, create a pile of flowers in a variety of bright spring colors.

2. Mix up a glue-and-water solution―approximately 1 part glue to 2 parts water.

3. Pick up a paper flower and dunk it into the glue solution, making sure that the entire flower is saturated with the mixture. Immediately press the flower onto a metal bucket. Repeat to cover bucket as desired. Don’t worry about drips―the glue mixture will dry clear.


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