Christine Ryan

This doesn't LOOK like the zoo... (National Park Service)

We interrupt our regularly scheduled blog posts to bring you photos of the orphaned fisher kits that were released earlier this week north of the Merced River, in Yosemite National Park. (No, "fisher kits" aren't DIY rods and reels that you buy from Ikea—they're like puppies and kittens, only wilder.)

Hmmm—what is this place? (©Bob Roney/National Park Service)

Says the NPS: "The kits, two sets of siblings, were rescued south of the park on U.S. Forest Service land after two radio-collared female fishers were killed by predators." (Boo!) "The kits were rescued by [Forest Service] researchers Craig Thompson and Laura Van Vranken." (Hurray!)

We're home! (©Bob Roney/U.S. Forest Service)

The eight-week-old kits were brought to wildlife facilities in Fresno and Oakhurst, where they lived for the next six months, learning to hunt and generally survive in the wild. Yesterday was graduation day and moving day, all rolled into one. Welcome and congratulations, Fisher Kits!

Now, of course, they need names. Suggestions?

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