Conditions are right for a great meteor shower early Sunday morning.

Shooting Stars and Milky Way
Photo by Austin Human on Unsplash

Early (really early!) Sunday morning, gaze up for a spectacular meteor show, undisturbed by moonlight. Every October, Earth travels through the debris of Halley’s Comet, creating the Orionid meteors. 

The best time to view the Orionid meteor shower is between midnight and dawn, no matter the time zone. Bits of dust from Halley’s Comet will hit Earth’s atmosphere, producing around 12 meteors per hour. Showers will be at the highest rate before sunrise.

What makes 2023 special for the Orionids? The waning moon will be just a small crescent, and won’t contribute much to light pollution.

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Look in the direction of the constellation Orion. The meteors will seem to be originating from this spot in the sky. You’ll find Orion by its three bright stars (his belt) aligned together. Orion’s belt always points to the brightest star in the sky, Sirius.

Set your alarms a few hours before dawn for the best meteor show. But if you’ve got bad viewing conditions, live streams are available—keep clicking around until you find one based in a place with clear skies.

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