Petroglyphs find another home in Washington

Late last year, a handful of ancient petroglyphs and pictographswere unveiled to the public in a new home just a mile upriver fromwhere most of the works were originally created: Columbia HillsState Park (formerly Horsethief Lake State Park). Thousands ofthese treasures had been drowned by rising waters when The DallesDam was completed on the Columbia River in 1957; the ones now shownwere pried from the rocks and tucked away at the dam forsafekeeping.

Walk the park’s Temani Pesh-wa Trail to see 41 rock-art images,arranged as closely as possible to their original orientation. The0.5-mile She-Who-Watches Trail leads to more petroglyphs in theiroriginal setting, but access is by guided tour only (10 a.m.Fri-Sat; reserve well in advance by calling 509/767-1159).

Rock on

Columbia Hills State Park (open daily through Oct 31; $5 pervehicle; or509/767-1159) is off State 14, 5 miles northeast of The Dalles,OR.

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