Chef Matthew Dillon in the kitchen of his restaurant, the Corson Building, located in the Georgetown section of Seattle
Thomas M. Barwick

Chef Matthew Dillon, owner of the Corson Building and Matthew Dillon's Sitka & Spruce, dishes his top spots for a day (and night) out on the town

Jess Thomson


Every morning, Dillon hits Georgetown's All City Coffee, where he pulls up a chair at the long wooden table and chats with fixtures of the community. Great conversation leaves the gang caffeinated and inspired. $; 1205 S. Vale St.; 206/767-7146.


You'll bond with the person next to you in line as you wait--and wait and wait--for the moist, pork-stuffed Cuban sandwich that brought Paseo cult status. By the time you've gathered around the picnic tables, you'll be old pals. $; closed Sun-Mon; 6226 Seaview Ave. N.W. (206/789-3100) and 4225 Fremont Ave. N. (206/545-7440).


Bar dining is communal by nature. Dillon bellies up to the long one at the back of the International District's century-old Maneki to enjoy the nonsushi side of Japanese cooking (he likes the salted mackerel) with other solo diners. $$; closed Mon; 304 Sixth Ave. S.; 206/622-2631.


With drippy candles set down the middle of each table, charming mismatched furniture, and shareable portions of unbeatable housemade pasta, Spinasse evokes a country Italian pasteria. "I love how the old-timer atmosphere reminds me not to rush," says Dillon. $$$; closed Tue; 1531 14th Ave.; 206/251-7673.

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