Golden Gate Bridge: 1. Charlotte's Locks 2. Parma Grey 3. Great White 4. Yukutori SF Girl by Bay (and Girl We Adore) Victori...
New Paint Colors Inspired by the West





Golden Gate Bridge: 1. Charlotte’s Locks 2. Parma Grey 3. Great White 4. Yukutori

SF Girl by Bay (and Girl We Adore) Victoria Smith recently curated a collection of Farrow & Ball’s paint colors and wallpapers into a San Francisco-inspired palette. The three colors and one wallpaper above are part of her nod to the Golden Gate Bridge (I’ll take a room in the Yukutori wallpaper, please and thank you!). Below are her picks based on Chinatown and the Victorian rowhouses in Haight-Ashbury. See her full #CityPalette collection and the pictures that inspired it here.




Chinatown: 1.Shouchikubai 2. Cinder Rose 3. Dix Blue 4. Radicchio




Victorian rowhouses: 1.Cinder Rose 2. Calluna 3. Middleton Pink 4. Pitch Blue

What do you think? Did she get it right?

Dunn Edwards looked farther afield–and into our past–to pull together 300 new historical colors, almost half of which are based on the American West. When friends ask for paint recommendations, I often point them to historical palettes. Colors in these collections usually have a little bit of gray or brown in them, toning them down and making them easy to pair with other colors. There is some truth to colors that have stood the test of time. I pulled a few of my favorites from the Dunn Edwards collection below.

From top, left to right: 1. Victorian Greenhouse 2. Presidio Peach 3. Palm Springs Splash 4. Alameda Ochre 5. Lake Reflection 6. California Peach

So tell me, if your city had a color palette, what would it be?

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