Joanna Linberg

Last week, I sat down to lunch with Nick Cope and Rachel Mosler. They're two Brooklynites whose jobs as an interior designer and art therapist were upended when Hurricane Sandy blew through NYC. While the city recovered, they took a chance on combining their skills by starting a wallpaper line. Rachel started experimenting with marbling techniques while Nick played with manipulating the scale and color allowed by digital printing. The result are papers with organic artistry in rich metallics and sophisticated colors, produced under the name Calico.

Nick and Rachel were in town to check out an installation of their newest paper, Aurora (check the sunset-inspired paper at bottom center in the photo above), at The Future Perfect in San Francisco. If you're in the Bay Area, definitely go check it out. In LA? See the line in person at Walnut Wallpaper. Somewhere else? You can buy direct from Calico's website and Nick and Rachel will help you choose your pattern, scale, and a placement that takes the best advantage of the free-flowing patterns in your room.

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