Nino Padova


Here's everything I know about the sport of golf in one breath: Green grass, checkered shorts, little white ball, Caddyshack. So when I saw a story about a cool, new way to cruise the greens at Bend's Tetherow golf course, I was prepared to be bored.

Then I saw this video...


 And then I laughed uncontrollably for two and a half minutes. It's called the GolfBoard and it's made in Bend, Oregon, and it's basically a 4-wheel-drive, battery-powered skateboard that lets you move around the golf course like a beshirted Laird Hamilton. It does, I'll admit, look fun, in the same way that the Shake Weight looks fun. And while I'm not sure it's enough to get me out hitting the links, I will be looking forward to/praying for a future GolfBoard Fail compilation video.

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