British Columbia’s newest luxe eco-lodge is the stuff of vacation dreams

Ocean House Eco-Lodge, B.C.
Courtesy of Ocean House

Haida Gwaii, the archipelago forty miles off the coast of British Columbia, is a world untouched. With lush old-growth rainforests teeming with exotic wildlife, rugged coastlines, and a centuries-old indigenous culture, it is accessible only by boat, helicopter, or sea plane.

As of June, it’s also home to a fancy new eco-resort, designed specifically for those looking to go off the grid without sparing any creature comforts. Ocean House, a twelve-room floating lodge, sits on the remote Stads K’uns Gawga Bay on Moresby Island, flanked by old-growth forests waited to be discovered via hiking trails and guided excursions.

Owned and operated by the Haida people, who have called the archipelago home for over 10,000 years, the lodge has been designed with both luxury and sustainability in mind. Interiors marry cool earth tones with natural textures like wood-paneled walls and cozy upholstered furniture, while Haida-inspired art tastefully infuses the space with a dose of culture. What’s more, expansive windows reveal views of the bay.

Equipped with a lounge and bar, library, artist’s studio, media room, sauna, waterfront patio lounge, and five-star menu of fresh fish and seasonal local ingredients, the lodge boasts plenty of reasons to stay holed up indoors all trip long. Those looking for adventure, however, can take part in cultural field trips to nearby ancient villages, set off on whale-watching excursions, explore the massive and majestic rainforest, paddleboard on the tranquil bay, or view glacier-fed lakes, mountain peaks, and cascading waterfalls from overhead in a chartered float place.

There’s WiFi, of course—but better to tell the office you’re totally unreachable.

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