No Boulder trip is complete without a tour of Pearl Street. Considering the hefty selection of downtown eateries and shops, I’ve carved out a few gems worth exploring. Your options stretch far beyond these, so stay curious and taste the town.

Where to dine

Tonic: This hippie tea lounge offers a glimpse into the Boulder lifestyle. Carrying a naturally relaxing vibe, patrons unwind while indulging in oxygen sessions, herbal drinks, and raw foods. 2011 10th St., Boulder; (303) 544-0202.

Pizzeria Locale: Knowing the go-to pizza joint is a must when traveling. In the mood for some pie? Check out this Naples-inspired traditional pizzeria. 1730 Pearl St, Boulder; (303) 442-3003.

Dushanbe Teahouse: This creekside restaurant is a Boulder landmark. Built piece by piece in Tajikistan, the renowned breakfast joint and tea house features an intricately painted ceiling you could stare at for hours. Loved by tourists and locals alike this place can get pretty packed for brunch, so if you’re caught in a long wait peruse Pearl Street and return for a memorable experience. 1770 13th St, Boulder; (303) 442-4993.

Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons user, Daveynin

Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery: Arguably the most popular brew haven in Boulder, this eatery comes with American fare and a solid selections of specialty beers. Sip on everything from the Pearl Street Porter to the Bombshell Belgian Blonde with plenty in between. 1535 Pearl St., Boulder; (303) 546-0886.

Where to shop

Old Tibet: This spiritual gift shop sells Nepalese, Tibetan, and Indian goods, ranging from oils and sage to home décor and meditative products. Fellow San Franciscans may find Old Tibet reminiscent of a couple Haight Street shops. Nonetheless, it's a nice find for zen folks. 948 Pearl St. Boulder; (303) 440-0323.

Goldmine Vintage: If you’re into thrifting, then enter Boulder’s hub for second-hand clothes and accessories. 1123 Pearl St Boulder; (303) 447-0065.

Boulder Arts and Crafts Gallery: Whether you’re window shopping or seeking creative gifts, this artist co-op harbors fine art, crafts, books, and jewelry from local, regional, and national contemporary American artists. 1421 Pearl St, Boulder; (303) 443-3683.

Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons user, F Delventhal



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