Christine Ryan

Richardson Grove State Park in Garberville, CA (photo by Flickr user Miguel Vieira)

In our May issue's Best of the West section, we're featuring something really cool that's come out of a joint venture between California's Parks Forward Commission and the wildly innovative Bay Area design studio called Stamen. Looking to help Californians and visitors actually use the state’s public lands, the commission decided to let Stamen loose on its data, and the result? The new CaliParks browser-based heatmap, which includes every single park in the Golden State, from national forests to your own town square (11,826 parks in all), and sorts the database by activity and facility. But wait, there's more! The map includes Instagram and Flickr feeds for each to celebrate the launch of the heatmap, you can even view the 10 most Instagrammed parks in the state. Number one shouldn't be too much of a surprise!

  1. Golden Gate National Recreation Area
  2. Griffith Park
  3. Golden Gate Park
  4. Yosemite National Park
  5. Inyo National Forest
  6. The Presidio
  7. Angeles National Forest
  8. Mission Bay Park
  9. Balboa Park
  10. San Bernardino National Forest

Check out this link, and then, go on—get out there and start exploring your parks! 

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