For a change of pace, leave State Street behind and journey to SoCo

[P] You’ve biked Santa Barbara’s shoreline and browsed the shopper’s paradise on well-known State Street. [CP][P] Now get to know burgeoning SoCo (south of Cota Street), just a couple of blocks east of State, where a homegrown arts scene is taking root. [CP][P] [B “GETTING THERE”] [CP][P][ARTICLE_IMAGE 2 R] Santa Barbara is about 90 miles north of Los Angeles. From U.S. 101 north, exit at Garden St., go right on Garden, then right on Cota St. You’re in SoCo now. Visit [XLINK “” “” “” “_new”] for more information. [CP][P] [B “EAT”] [CP][P] [B “Fresh produce”] Locals load their bags with fruit and vegetables at the year-round [XLINK “” “Downtown Santa Barbara Farmers Market” “” “_new”] (8:30[SPECIAL_CHAR {150}]12:30 Sat; corner of Cota and Santa Barbara Streets; 805/962-5354). Mayor Marty Blum shops here, as do resident celebs such as John Cleese and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Taste slices of peaches, strawberries, and pluots while listening to street musicians. [CP][P] [ARCHIVELINKS] [B “Italian”] At Arnoldi’s Cafe ([XLINK “/sunset/travel/article/0,20633,1638565,00.html” “[SPECIAL_CHAR {36}][SPECIAL_CHAR {36}]”]; 600 Olive St.; 805/962-5394), one of the city’s oldest restaurants, patrons can indulge in authentic fare and then head out back to play bocce in the yard.



[CP][P] [B “SIP”] [CP][P] [B “Coffee”] Hipsters hankering for iced mochas gravitate to always-buzzing Muddy Waters Caf[SPECIAL_CHAR “233”] (closed Sun; 508 E. Haley St.; 805/966-9328). [CP][P] [B “Beer”] At Telegraph Brewing Company (closed Sun[SPECIAL_CHAR {150}]Wed; tastings from [SPECIAL_CHAR {36}]3; 416 N. Salsipuedes St.; 805/963-5018), a copper kettle is used to craft beers. Try the light and citrusy White Ale. [CP][P] [ARTICLE_IMAGE 1 R] [B “Wine”] At Carr Vineyards [SPECIAL_CHAR “38”] Winery (tastings [SPECIAL_CHAR {36}]10; 414 N. Salsipuedes; 805/965-7985), in a 1940s Quonset hut, drink up the atmosphere of a working winery. [CP][P] [B “ART”] [CP][P] [B “To admire”] Run by renowned World War II photographer Horace Bristol’s son Henri, the [XLINK “” “East/West Gallery” “” “_new”] (closed Sun[SPECIAL_CHAR {150}]Mon; 714 Bond Ave.; 805/963-4041) focuses on contemporary photography, and its splashy opening and closing parties are social must-dos. [CP][P] [B “To make”] Turn recycled goods into lovable trinkets at [XLINK “” “Art From Scrap” “” “_new”] (closed Sun[SPECIAL_CHAR {150}]Mon; 302 E. Cota; 805/884-0459). Buy materials to take home, or let the kids tackle a project at a Saturday workshop (10[SPECIAL_CHAR {150}]noon; [SPECIAL_CHAR {36}]6; ages 6 and up). [CP][P] [B “STAY OVERNIGHT”] After wandering in SoCo, make your way back to Santa Barbara’s main drag to check in at [XLINK “” “[B “Hotel Santa Barbara”]” “” “_new”] (from [SPECIAL_CHAR {36}]209; 800/549-9869), the only boutique inn among the restaurants and shops on State Street. [CP][P] [XLINK “” “Sunset Traveler: Where to go and what to do in the West [SPECIAL_CHAR {187}] “] [CP]

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