Change your home (and yourself) along the city’s now-thriving San Pablo Avenue
Berkeley’s Bohemia
Martin Sundberg
Ohmega Salvage

Reinvention is the philosophy behind Ohmega Salvage General Store on San Pablo Avenue in Berkeley. Transform your humdrum living room with a bird’s-eye maple mantel rescued from a failed restaurant, the idea goes. And lately the shop’s neighborhood in west Berkeley is experiencing its own renaissance.

Anchoring the resurgence is the newly opened third outpost of Caffe Trieste, the coffee shop and opera house founded in the 1950s in San Francisco’s North Beach. Near Trieste, on Dwight Way, a copse of inventive home stores has emerged, with handmade furniture, antiques, and custom lighting shops sharing space with a groovy ecology center, an excellent nursery, a global range of restaurants, and plenty of car-repair shops. Along these blocks, a shopper could transform her whole life.

Eureka Cartography

Arias with lattes.
WHAT: Opera to blues concerts at Caffe Trieste. Plus Italian coffees, sandwiches, pastries.
WHEN: Concerts Fri night and Sun afternoon; cafe open daily. HOW MUCH: $.
WHERE: 2500 San Pablo Ave.; 510/548-5198.


Doorknobs to foo dogs.
WHAT: Gothic chandeliers, stained glass, and more finds at 29-year-old Ohmega Salvage General Store.
WHERE: 2400 San Pablo Ave.; or 510/204-0767.

Old Berkeley.
WHAT: Books, seeds, hemp accessories, and info on earth-friendly activities at Ecology Center.
WHEN: Closed Sun–Mon.
WHERE: 2530 San Pablo Ave.; 510/548-3402.

Martin Sundberg
De Sino Gallery’s garden

New Berkeley.
WHAT: Asian antiques, Buddha statues, and tea service in a pocket garden at De Sino Gallery.
WHEN: Closed Mon.
WHERE: 2216 San Pablo Ave.; 510/843-1449.

Gifts with attitude.
WHAT: Handbags and shirts at Dollybird.
WHEN: Closed Mon.
WHERE: 2522 San Pablo Ave.; 510/540-7255.


Global cheese.
WHAT: Organic and rare cheeses, plus gourmet groceries at Country Cheese Co.
WHERE: 2101 San Pablo Ave.; 510/841-0752.

Meals with spice.
WHAT: Cucumber-pineapple juice and jerk chicken at Jamaican Soul.
WHERE: 2057 San Pablo Ave.; 510/502-0828.

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