Heritage Eats: a fresh start for fast food

Christine Ryan

A chicken tikka masala wrap at Heritage Eats, in Napa. Photograph by Galdones Photography

Big things with small prices are coming in the burger-and-fries world. Sharing a shopping center just north of downtown Napa with the likes of Trader Joe’s, Heritage Eats is now bringing locally raised pork, beef, and chicken to the masses—well, the masses that can afford to live in wine country.

Photo by Tony McIntyre.

The menu at Heritage Eats is made up of $10 sandwiches, wraps, salads, and rice bowls inspired by street food from around the world. (We like the Jamaican jerk chicken on bao buns, right.)

And due to debut to much fanfare this fall is LocoL, the healthy fast-food joint that Bay Area chef Daniel Patterson and Los Angeles’ Roy Choi are opening in L.A.’s Watts and S.F.’s Tenderloin. How healthy? Their burger will be two-thirds beef, and one-third tofu and grains. How cheap? Just two bucks. The trickledown effect seems to be real—at least when it comes to fast food. $; 3824 Bel Aire Plaza