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Sticky Coconut Chicken

Makes 6 to 8 servings

This spicy coconut chicken gets its heat from the chili glaze. You could cut back the amount of chili flakes for a milder dinner but you won't want to change a thing about the delicious flavors in this dish.

Sticky Coconut Chicken

James Carrier
 6 to 8 boned, skinned chicken thighs (1 1/4 to 1 1/2 lb. total)
 3/4 cup canned coconut milk (stir before measuring)
 1 tablespoon minced fresh ginger
 1 teaspoon fresh-ground pepper
 1 teaspoon hot chili flakes
  Chili glaze
 4 or 5 green onions, ends trimmed, cut lengthwise into thin slivers (including tops)
Step 1

Rinse chicken and pat dry. In a large bowl, mix coconut milk, ginger, pepper, and hot chili flakes. Add chicken and mix; cover airtight and chill at least 1 hour or up to 1 day.

Step 2

Lift chicken from bowl, reserving marinade; pull thighs open and lay flat on a lightly oiled barbecue grill over a solid bed of hot coals or high heat on a gas grill (you can hold your hand at grill level only 2 to 3 seconds); close lid on gas grill. Cook, turning thighs as needed to brown on both sides, until meat is no longer pink in center of thickest part (cut to test), 10 to 12 minutes, basting frequently with remaining marinade (use it all).

Step 3

Transfer thighs to a warm platter and pour the chili glaze evenly over meat; garnish platter with green onions.

Nutrition Facts

Servings 0

Amount Per Serving
Calories 147Calories from Fat 48
% Daily Value *
Total Fat 7.9g13%

Saturated Fat 4.9g25%
Cholesterol 71mg24%
Sodium 77mg4%
Total Carbohydrate 1.5g1%

Dietary Fiber 0.3g2%
Protein 17g34%

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily value may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.