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For Immediate Release: February 26, 2009

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Menlo Park, CA – In the March issue of Sunset magazine (, the premier guide to life in the West, Amy Wolf and Sunset’s editors offer inspiration and tips on how to bike more and roll smoothly into a two-wheeled lifestyle. (p. 77) From a detailed guide for finding the right bike to suit your needs to a list of editors’ favorite bike bags and baskets, the Sunset editors make it easy for you to start burning calories instead of gas.

“There are so many good reasons to bike more often,” said Wolf, Sunset travel editor. “It’s fun, healthy, and inexpensive. Plus, biking is a great way to slow life down a little.”  Another perk? It’s a terrific way to burn calories: a 150-pound rider cycling moderately (10 to 12 mph) for 60 minutes can burn 410 calories. In comparison, a one hour walking workout uses 225 calories.

The article profiles Westerners who have made the switch to two wheels, offering inspiration no matter where you live:

  • San Francisco: Architect David Baker, who gave up his car nine years ago, relies on two Dutch bikes to insure he arrives at client meetings put together.
  • Los Angeles: Join bike shop owners Adam and Josef Bray-Ali on one of their 7-mile Sunday-morning jaunts to dim sum. Or, find out how L.A.-based photographer, Russ Roca, lives and works in L.A. without a car, hauling hundreds of pounds of photo equipment up to 50 miles round-trip!
  • Boise: In addition to using her bike for deliveries and commuting, winemaker Melanie Krause loves to use her bike for a night out on the town: “My husband, Joe, and I get dressed up for the evening and ride to restaurants or nightclubs.”

Also in the March issue:
Portland To Go (p. 86) – The food carts in Portland are more like mobile gourmet kitchens. Sunset went for a taste and came back with a list of favorite carts and wonderful recipes:

  • Spicy chickpea sandwiches
  • Triple threat chocolate cookies
  • Buckwheat Belgian waffles

Asian Noodles (p. 70) – The West is noodle heaven with its melting pot of Asian cultures ― from Chinese to Thai to Filipino. The Sunset Foods Staff adapted some of their favorite soups, stir-fries, curries, stews and dipping sauces, keeping the classic flavors while making them easier to prepare:

  • Malaysian noodles with crab and sausage (Penang char kway teow)
  • Stir-fried thick and thin noodles with vegetables and tofu (Pancit)
  • Beef and star anise noodle soup
  • Warm soba noodle bowl
  • Quick noodle sauces: Soy peanut sauce and Lime chili sauce

Perfect Pairing: Hot Sake (p.18) – From restaurant menus to retail stores, sake is having its moment. Find out which sakes you should try and serve now.

Cutting-edge Countertops (p. 60) – Home editor Jess Chamberlain explores eco options for every kitchen, including tips for recycling old countertops to insure they stay out of the landfill.

Throw a BYOBB Party (p. 100) – The wine aisles of supermarkets and discount stores are full of bottles that seem too cheap to be true. Wine editor Sarah Schneider recommends throwing a Bring Your Own Bargain Bottle party, so you can separate the schlock from the keepers in one fell swoop.

***Editors available for interviews.
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