Here’s what to expect on the chilly wild ride experts are predicting this winter—and how to get through it. (Hint: Hygge to the rescue!)

Jackson Hole, WY

Danita Delimont/Getty Images

If the Farmer’s Almanac is to be believed (and they’ve been at the prognostication game for 200 years—they’re pretty good at it), we’re on track for a Polar Coaster ride this winter. 

What does this mean? Well, as the name implies, most of the country can expect colder-than-normal temperatures this winter.

The mountain states, including Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana, will get the worst of it, with weather that is both colder and snowier than normal.

The Northwest won’t get much more precipitation than they’re used to, but it will be notably colder than average. California and the Southwest will have the least dramatic experience, with no more rain and snow than usual. Average temperatures will dip, but not as dramatically as in other parts of the country.

The coldest, wettest days should happen exactly when you expect them—in January and the first half of February.  But the polar weather is predicted to be slow to release its grip, roaring back again and again into spring—that’s where the “coaster” part comes in.

Let It Snow

What can you do about it? Absolutely nothing, so just go with it and enjoy. For starters, it should be an epic year for ski and snowboarding resorts, so gear up and get started planning your winter vacation. Sure, it will be cold, but most beautiful places look even better under a blanket of snow, so be sure to pack a camera. (And remember, not all winter sports involve boards—try something a little different this year.)

Hygge New Year

If staying warm is your priority, well we’re all about that, too. Cold weather is the perfect time for hearty roasts and hot soups, and of course it’s crab season on the coast. (We might have a nip here and there, too, purely for medicinal and body-temperature maintaining reasons.)

Danes, of course, have a word, hygge, that captures this spirit of coziness, and if there is a silver lining to the storm clouds that we’re expecting to see a lot of this winter, it’s that we all have the chance to get a lot more cozy into our lives. We hope 2020 brings you lots of warm, comfy moments. 

We’ll drink to that.