10 Best Cactus-Inspired Beauty Products

Quench your skin and hair with desert-inspired botanicals

Allison Young
1 / 10

High-Vibe Glow

A combo of wild-crafted prickly pear, moringa, and tamanu oil for mega moisturizing, plus skin-plumping iris stem cells and vitamin C ester, this gem not only smells divine thanks to the neroli and sweet orange oil, but also it has major skin-boosting benefits. Coat your body right out of the shower.

2 / 10

Fountain of Youth

This skincare line revolves around Sonoran Desert plants, like prickly pear and aloe vera, that grow and thrive despite the harsh desert heat. Smooth it on and arm your environmentally-stressed skin with the same dewy attributes. Bonus: Prickly pear is a super antioxidant high in linoleic acid for younger-looking skin.

3 / 10

Summer Quencher

Summer makes skin thirsty. Quench your complexion with this super hydrator powered with aloe, a plant moisturizer that also reduces skin inflammation and redness, and hyaluronic acid, a humectant that’s said to hold 1000x its weight in water for ultimate plumping powers. The stylish packaging and lavender scent are just the icing.

4 / 10

Skin Soother

Skin can act like a toddler sometimes, prone to freakouts and breakouts seemingly out of nowhere. Bribe it with this beauty mist, a chill pill in a bottle infused with redness-reducing aloe, anti-inflammatory rose water, calming chamomile, and smoothing willow bark. Mist it for an instant complexion refresher.

5 / 10

Holy Roller

This one-ingredient wonder tightens, brightens, and hydrates. That’s because prickly pear seed oil is packed with antioxidant vitamin E to neutralize free radicals that break down the skin's collagen (take that, wrinkles) and vitamin K to correct discoloration (take that, under-eye circles). Roll it on for an instant glow.

6 / 10

Super Suds

Is your hair feeling dryer than the desert? All that pollution, sunlight exposure, and over-styling aren’t helping—but this shampoo can. Infused with prickly pear seed oil, an antioxidant loaded with plant sterols and linoleic acid for fuller, shinier hair, it provides added life to your locks.

7 / 10

Moisturizing Miracle

This uber luscious body oil is made from agave nectar, the same plant that gives tequila its kick, yet on skin it acts as a healing humectant to lock in moisture. Barley, sandalwood, and sweet almond oil are also invited to the party, leaving your skin glistening, never greasy.

8 / 10

Wake-up Call

The perfect pick-me-up for reviving or resetting the skin, this cooling spray combines antioxidant-rich prickly pear extract and anti-inflammatory ginseng, plus skin-protecting geranium, lavender, and rosemary essential oils, for an on-the-go spritz that can elevate your skin and even lift your mood. Bye-bye, fatigued complexion!

9 / 10

Desert Scrub

Washing your face with the wrong formula can strip skin’s natural oils, leaving it dry and lackluster. Not so with this USDA organic-certified cleanser. Spiked with skin-regenerative oils as well as prickly pear, nopal cactus, and aloe water, the desert ingredients leave the skin singing—not stinging.

10 / 10

Triple Threat

This age-defier works wonders with three targeted ingredients: Prickly pear seed oil contains essential fatty acids for super skin hydration; antioxidant argan oil helps protect skin against free radicals and UV damage; and rose essential oil reduces redness and inflammation. Just one pump goes a long way.