These handy hacks will make yours the best Halloween house in town

Spooky Smart Home Halloween
Getty Images / Spike Mafford
Eerie Fog

Looking to creep out trick or treaters (or just the mailman) this Halloween season? Connect a smoke machine to an outdoor switch and a motion detector. When visitors approach, they’ll be greeted with an atmospheric fog.

Creepy Glow

Hanging some lights to go with the jack-o-lantern? Pair them with a smart, outdoor-ready outlet that can turn them on and off at a specific time each day, or even by voice command when paired with a smart speaker.

Chime to Die

Surprise visitors all month long with spooky door chimes. The Ring video doorbell is known for releasing special chimes for holidays, and Halloween is no exception. Set the doorbell sound as close—or far—from the 31st as you like, and enjoy the reactions of guests or passersby.

Spine-Tingling Serenade

Keep the Halloween party going all night long with spooky sounds delivered through a smart speaker. The new Sonos One has Alexa built in, so you and your guests can ask for a new song without having to grab the phone and change it manually. Don’t worry, there’s no limit on the number of times you can request “Thriller.”

Scary Movie Night

Set the mood for a scary movie marathon with the touch of a button. Caseta and Serena Shades by Lutron allow you to turn off the lights and close the shades simultaneously from your phone. Plus, easily turn that hallway light back on when you swear you hear a sound from the basement.

Things That Go Bump in the Night

Worried about the tricksters this Halloween? Keep at eye out with a smart security system. Try SimpliSafe’s system, which allows you to customize which sensors you want for the areas you’re most worried about, whether it’s the kitchen window or the back door. Plus, when movie night gives you the willies, you can make sure those strange noises were all in your imagination just by checking an app.

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