A California fast-food chain is experimenting with food cooked by AI

Your Burger Could Be Cooked by a Robot
Jean Claude Attipoe/Unsplash

You might have Alexa turn on your oven, and Siri check the ingredients in a recipe, but what about a form of artificial intelligence that makes your food?

International restaurant chain, Caliburger, is giving robotics a go with “Flippy,” the robotic arm that is now serving as the Pasadena location’s grill cook. The burger-flipping device, developed by Miso Robotics over the past two years, can apparently make up to 150 burgers an hour.

The company says Flippy is not designed to replace human workers, but rather to lend an extra hand to Caliburger cooks, who still have the tasks of placing patties on the grill and adding toppings after the burgers have cooked. Caliburger reports that not only is Flippy cooperative and efficient, but also sanitary, switching between different spatulas for both raw and cooked meat, and even cleaning up after itself.

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While the machine is currently in action only at Caliburger’s Pasadena restaurant, the chain plans to expand to more of its locations nationwide.


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