Cruise to the beach and back, without breaking a sweat.

Woman on Bluejay Electric Bike
Courtesy of Bluejay Bicycles

It seems like everybody in L.A. is swapping their gas-guzzling cars and opting for electric bikes this year––and I’m all for it. If there’s one good thing to come from the pandemic, it’s spending less time in our cars, and more time taking in the fresh air outside (socially distant, of course).

I’ve had quite a few beach cruisers over the years but always gave up on the idea of riding them around my neighborhood, mainly because L.A.’s hilly neighborhoods are near impossible. So I was pleasantly surprised to discover Bluejay Bicycles, which seamlessly merges sleek design and the latest in electric bike technology.

The design is reminiscent of a beach cruiser but with all the bells (literally) and whistles like a rear rack that can hold a 55-lb child seat, a wheel lock to prevent theft, Shimano Alfine 8 internal gear hub, Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, leather seat and handles, plus an adorable rattan basket.

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It also gets up to 75 miles between charges, which is pretty perfect for any beach picnic and back—which is exactly what I plan to do this weekend.

Courtesy of Bluejay Bicycles

Premier Edition Bluejay Blue, $2995