From a booming cut-flower farm to the premier glamping travel experience, these women-owned or -operated businesses based in the West have made our world more beautiful, tasty, and fun.

We Support These Women-Owned Brands

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Justina Blakeney Home

Very Important Female: Justina Blakeney

The designer behind The Jungalow blog, Blakeney (pictured above) is a champion of modern bohemian style. A master of color, pattern, and using plants as decor, her brand is all about striking a balance between the wild and the cozy—and it shows in her line of furnishings, textiles, wallpaper, and more home and lifestyle goods.

Marshall’s Haute Sauce

Very Important Female: Sarah Marshall

Marshall teaches canning and has a passion for it, so it’s no surprise that she started Marshall’s Haute Sauce. Featuring fun, tongue-tingling mashups like ghost chili apple, habanero carrot curry, hatch sesame balsamic and bird’s eye basil, Marshall’s sauces source locally and from farmer’s markets whenever possible. She even provides free recipes on her site.

Rough Linen

Kendra Smoot

Very Important Female: Tricia Rose

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Aussie transplant Tricia Rose comes from a long line of textile workers, and she has parlayed that history into Marin, CA-based Rough Linen. Founded in 2009, the company is now a small local empire, producing bedding, clothing, tablecloths and napkins, curtains, and more, all sewn in Northern California and all made from one of several cool, comfortable weaves of linen.

Under Canvas

Very Important Female: Sarah Dusek

Led by Dusek and husband Jacob, Under Canvas provides the ultimate glamping experience in over a half dozen national parks in the West. Their luxury canvas tents are outfitted with all the amenities you could ever want (think plush beds, leather butterfly chairs, hardwood floors, bathrooms) and decks perfect for cozy lounging and stargazing.

Flora Grubb Gardens

Very Important Female: Flora Grubb

The much-lauded San Francisco nursery named after its owner became famous for bringing eco-friendly gardening to the masses. Since its opening, Flora Grubb Gardens has done an exceptional job curating plants and garden accessories, as well as evangelizing attractive garden design that requires minimal water and chemicals to maintain. Not to mention the shop’s merchandising is genius—the staff frequently updates the greenery and products on display, making the plant hub a destination unto itself for landscape designers and homeowners alike. 

Cowgirl Creamery

Thomas J. Story

Very Important Females: Sue Conley and Peggy Smith

A former chef and a restaurant industry veteran formed what has become one of the most savored food brands in the West. Cowgirl Creamery‘s fresh cheeses, including the infamous Mt. Tam, are found in food shops from indie gourmet retailers to Whole Foods, highly sought after by restaurant buyers, and regularly reign as the crown jewel of any party spread. Conley and Smith aren’t just in it for themselves, either. Courtesy of their Tomales Bay Foods retail operation, they continue to support the artisan cheesemaking community in California and beyond.

Farmgirl Flowers

Very Important Female: Christina Stembel

When the flower delivery service came on the scene in 2012, it ushered in a new era of high-quality fresh bouquets that wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Now Farmgirl Flowers’ stunning burlap-wrapped bouquets, all made of ethically sourced blooms, are practically synonymous with occasion florals.


Very Important Female: Sana Javeri Kadri

Javeri Kadri is something of an indie star in the food world, having created a sustainable, fair trade business with her spice company, DIASPORA Co., which sells turmeric, cardamom, chilies and pepper with a known source. DIASPORA lists its farmers, telling you how Mr. Prabhu Kasaraneni and his family farmed your heirloom Pragatic turmeric organically amidst marigolds, bananas, and black rice on their fourth-generation farm.


Very Important Female: Melissa Hanna 

Mahmee co-founder and Los Angeles mom Melissa Hanna wanted to help moms and babies who weren’t getting adequate healthcare. Seeing that patient data was siloed, making collaboration across specialities difficult, the self-described activist-entrepreneur created Mahmee and raised $3 million in funding in 2019 from investors including Serena Williams and Mark Cuban. Working with healthcare systems and insurance companies, the startup gives practitioners the HIPAA-compliant tools to easily refer patients, share up-to-date health information, and collaborate with each other on patient care. Mahmee also delivers data-driven care coordination and personalized support like registered nurses, board-certified lactation consultants, registered dietitians, certified massage therapists, sleep trainers and emotional wellness counselors to new moms.


Thomas J. Story

Very Important Female: Kris Galmarini 

Kris and husband Bob’s line of sustainably made casual wear for the whole family exudes a modern California cool. Sweatshirts, draped dresses, wide-legged jumpsuits, and screen-printed tees come in earthy hues and super-soft cotton and they’re all items you equally want to wear for a day picnicking on a rugged beach or running errands around town. Sold out of their Longway shop in Marin County, their clothes are joined by other makers’ home goods and accessories with a similar style sensibility. 


Thomas J. Story

Very Important Females: Annette Gutierrez (pictured above) and Mary Gray

This L.A.-based “outdoor living boutique” is a treasure trove of cool plant pots, outdoor furniture, garden decor, and more. Beyond retail, Potted offers design services to beautify outdoor spaces as well as free workshops on topic such as planting succulents or designing container gardens. In other words, it’s like Disneyland for garden enthusiasts.


Very Important Females: Emma McIlroy and Julia Parsley

McIlroy and Parsley started their feminist apparel company Wildfang after struggling to find what they wanted in the women–or the men’s–departments. Their unapologetically feminist, queer clothes and accessories are inclusive of non cis-gender women. Their name, meaning “tomboy” in German, touts fashionable, expertly-tailored blazers, bow ties, overalls, button-ups, suits and even “Wild Feminist” onesies for babies. In 2018, Wildfang raised over $400k for charities supporting reproductive, immigrant, and women’s/human rights.

Home Base Spirits

Home Base Spirits

Thomas Story

Very Important Females: Ali Blatteis and Sam Blatteis

Sisters Ali and Sam Blatteis started Home Base Spirits with a focus on supporting local farms. Focused on minimizing their carbon footprint and being transparent about ingredients and processes, they use locally-sourced heirloom grains. Their bourbons and whiskies are distilled at a local distiller, and then aged, blended and bottled in Berkeley, and the sisters are working on an American single malt whiskey and a bitter liqueur.


Very Important Female: Aishwarya Iyer

Iyer didn’t like the way olive oil was making her feel; she just didn’t feel great after cooking with it and consuming it. She began researching the olive oil she was buying, and discovered that most of it was probably rancid by the time it got to her. She decided to learn how to make olive oil in California, and Brightland was born. Packaging her oils in super beautiful, inherently Instagrammable bottles, she labeled her Central Coast-grown products by purpose: Ardor, Awake, Alive and Lucid. Awake is labeled “for cozy days and slow nights.” We’re in.

Oh Happy Day

Very Important Female: Jordan Ferney

The brainchild of Ferney, this DIY decor and party goods brand was made for the age of Instagram. With projects for all occasions—from a giant roller skate pinata to an ombré heart-shaped balloon installation to a giant hanging kite centerpiece—Oh Happy Day consistently serves up whimsical projects for the craft-inclined. And for those of us who prefer to outsource the decor for our next birthday bash or holiday gathering, their online shop can fulfill your needs.


Very Important Female: Siska Silitonga Marcus

Siska Silitonga Marcus started her Indonesian sauce company ChiliCali partially because she felt Indonesian food was underrepresented in the United States and even in her gourmet city of San Francisco. Her four time-saving mother sauces span the bumbu dasar, or base spices, of Indonesian cuisine: turmeric base, galangal base, sambal base, and kukui (candle) nut & shallots base. The multitasking chef also runs pop-up dinners, catering, cooking classes and private events.

Serena & Lily

Serena & Lily

Very Important Female: Lily Kanter

Kanter’s furniture and decor brand marries traditional style with an easy, breezy California charm. The result? Items you covet for every nook and cranny of the home, from dining to bedroom to backyard. P.S. Serena & Lily‘s pillows are to die for.

Floret Flowers

Very Important Female: Erin Benzakein

Benzakein runs the prolific Floret Flowers farm, along with her family, in Washington’s Skagit Valley. But her reach has extended beyond its two acres (and design studio) with her book, Floret Farm’s Cut Flower Garden: Grow, Harvest & Arrange Stunning Seasonal Blooms, which provides the average gardener with tips and tricks to cultivate a cut-flower garden of one’s own. Floret is happy to spread the love, too: they’ve developed a line of seeds to help aspiring gardeners get growing; they offer wildly popular on-farm workshops; and they’re parlayed those workshops into online video-based courses so that flower lovers regardless of their location can learn Floret’s techniques.

Jenni Kayne

Thomas J. Story

Very Important Female: Jenni Kayne

Easy California style is a genre unto itself, yet not every designer gets it pitch-perfect. One of the chosen few who does: Jenni Kayne, whose women’s fashion and home goods brand epitomizes that clean and minimalist, yet warm and on-trend West Coast aesthetic. From the perfect cashmere turtleneck to rattan baskets, Kayne’s collection has your wardrobe and indoor-outdoor living spaces covered. Her blog Rip & Tan also offers great lifestyle inspo, from how to make a DIY non-toxic home cleaner to inspired recipes.

Galanter & Jones

Thomas J. Story

Very Important Female: Miranda Jones

We might have tried to make chilly nights work with heating lamps and throws, but it wasn’t until Galanter & Jones’ sleek heated furniture came along that we knew how truly cozy life outside could be. Heated outdoor furniture. What a concept! The sister-brother duo of Miranda and Aaron Jones really get us.

Smitten Ice Cream

Very Important Female: Robyn Sue Fisher

This confection company took ice cream to new levels with their quick churned-to-order concept. Founder Fisher and a retired aerospace engineer designed a machine that freezes ice cream in less than two minutes and churns it to perfection. Starting out as a tiny pop-up operation (Fisher wheeled the first version of the contraption around in a wagon), Smitten has expanded to a number of brick-and-mortar locations around the San Francisco Bay Area and SoCal, offering up a small yet mighty selection of classic flavors as well as seasonal ones. It’s pretty mesmerizing watching your ice cream made to order, but even better eaten out of a house-made waffle bowl.


Very Important Female: Eileen Mockus

Awash in a sea of minimalist organic cotton bedding, towels, and table linens—it’s our home decor version of heaven. Coyuchi’s natural aesthetic and commitment to the utmost environmentally friendly and humane manufacturing make it the real deal.

Sophie James Winery

Very Important Female: Sophie Gray

Sophie James Winery is a cult-favorite Sonoma wine label that we can’t get enough of. Husband-and-wife team Sophie and James Gray farms five acres of organic, high-elevation Pinot Noir at their mountaintop home.


David Fenton

Very Important Female: Mariam Naficy

An online marketplace for paper goods, Minted is the go-to for art prints, stationery, custom invitations, and the like. But what sets it apart is that everything for sale, from birth announcements to journals, is designed by an independent artist.


Very Important Female: Gretchen Carvajal

Printmaker, artist and youth teacher Gretchen Carvajal is the founder of jewelry and accessories company BRWNGRLZ, which makes “bold, bright, unapologetic designs” for women of color. Most pieces are laser-cut, custom-designed, and assembled and packaged by hand. From astrological earrings to a forthcoming hair line featuring beads for locs and braids (pictured above), Carvajal has her finger on the pulse of the Bay Area.

Belcampo Meat Co.

Brown Cannon III

Very Important Female: Anya Fernald

A game-changer in the meat industry, Belcampo compassionately raises top-quality organic, grass-fed meat on their California ranch—but they haven’t stopped there. The company built its own supply chain, from its very own processing facility to sustainable butcher shops, online retail to farm-to-table restaurants. The result is full transparency to the consumer, as well as an insanely delicious product.


Courtesy of Hipcamp / Caroline McGrady

Very Important Female: Alyssa Ravasio

For anyone who’s ever attempted to book a campsite at a state or national park, you know the challenges: limited availability, sites that book up six months in advance, limited information about the merits or disadvantages of each campsite. Enter Hipcamp, which provides bookings for camping at public parks and on private land across the U.S. From traditional campground terrain to more unique sites like trailers and tiny cabins, camping opportunities have grown exponentially with this easy-to-use, reliable platform.


Courtesy of Coolhaus

Very Important Females: Natasha Case and Freya Estreller

L.A.-based Coolhaus Ice Cream has been one of our go-to hot-weather indulgences since its origins as a single food truck. Turning out innovative ice cream sandwiches and pints, their treats are of the highest quality (think local, organic ingredients, fair-trade chocolate, hormone-free dairy, and cage-free eggs). And you can count on Coolhaus to come up with a twist on ice cream flavors you’d never have expected, like Buttered French Toast or Milkshake & Fries (trust us, they work). Now, after expanding to a fleet of 10 trucks, three retail scoop shops, and national grocery store distribution, Coolhaus is bringing its creative flavors to the masses—and our world is sweeter as a result.

Moon Juice

Very Important Female: Amanda Chantal Bacon

A chef and sustainable living advocate, Bacon turned her skills to a line of adaptogen-based nutritional and beauty supplements that fuel a nourishing lifestyle. Using herbs and mushrooms to create blends to mix into water, coffee, or your milk of choice, Moon Juice’s products promise to boost everything from brain function to skin health, alleviating the mental and physical effects of stress.


Very Important Females: Erica Chidi Cohen and Quinn Lundberg

Chidi Cohen and Lundberg wanted to empower people in the utterly confusing realms of sexual health, reproduction and parenting, so they started LOOM, where you can take classes like Sex Ed (the grown-up version, not that junior high nightmare) and Support for LGBTQ+ People Trying to Conceive. Continuing ed never felt so refreshing.

Habita Wallpaper

Courtesy of Habita Wallpaper

Very Important Female: Emily Wong

We love Wong’s artfully designed wallpaper prints inspired by mid-century mod and Mesoamerican styles, carefully rendered on earth-friendly clay-based paper. Movement and pattern play center stage, from patterns imitating nature to geo motifs, and the color palettes are decidedly modern. What’s more, Habita donates a portion of its proceeds to a nonprofit providing affordable and attractive homes to seniors, veterans, individuals with disabilities, and families—supporting the universal quest to live in a beautiful space.


Very Important Females: Katherine Power and Cameron Diaz

Avaline‘s founders, Diaz and Power demanded a higher standard for wine. Afternoon cocktails turned into innovation as the women discussed the unknown of each glass. They wanted to provide clarity for wine consumers and soon after Avaline was born. Each bottle is curated with organic grapes and free of unwanted additives that allow for nutritional transparency, something you don’t see too often in the wine industry.


Very Important Female: Ivy Chuang

Having a kid was an eye-opener for Blendily founder Ivy Chuang, who threw out her basket of products jam-packed with chemicals and began to study botanicals. Her products feature locally-grown herbs and flowers and often look more like beautifully-plated appetizers than beauty products. You can witness all the natural ingredients being made into the products you’ll buy at the shop in Portland. The shop also offers the Blendily Glow-Up, a walk-in facial mask where the shop mixes your matcha, mud, or seasonal mask in a coconut or greek yogurt base and serves up an herbal tea for you to drink while you’re treating yourself.

Shelter Co.

Thomas J. Story

Very Important Female: Kelsey Sheofsky

Events can get an instant glamping vibe thanks to Shelter Co., run by Sheofsky and husband Mike. Their luxury canvas tents are available to rent, along with outdoor furniture and accessories, to give everything from weddings to festivals to company gatherings an outdoorsy boho feel—and we’re here for it.

Block Shop

Block Shop Rugs

Courtesy of Block Shop

Very Important Females: Hopie Stockman and Lily Stockman

Co-founders and sisters Hopie and Lily Stockman started textile brand and design studio Block Shop to bring fascinating prints, linens, and apparel to their store in Los Angeles’ Atwater Village. From scarves and robes to pillows and woodblock prints, visiting this women-owned store is like going shopping and gallery hopping all at once.


Very Important Females: Eliza Timpson and Jordan Schenck

Sunwink features sparkling herbal tonics set in gorgeous, vivid blue bottles. The tonics aim to improve your immunity, detox you, and unwind you, all the while imparting important antioxidants and adaptogens to you.

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