Sophisticated pipes, vapes, and accessories that elevate your experience and your home’s style

Artisanal Ceramic Bong
Courtesy of Sackville & Co.

Cannabis consumer or not, you can’t deny how stylish the apparatus has gotten in recent years. From ceramic bongs to rose gold grinders, much paraphernalia has gone the way of shelf- or coffee table-worthy decor. Whether you’re partaking in 4/20 festivities or a chill night at home, these classy pipes, vapes, accessories, and more should be on your radar.


Canndescent Vape Pen, from $65

Relax this 4/20 with Canndescent’s new chic and smooth Stylus Vape Pen. The rechargeable pen features a cap-protected mouthpiece, three heat settings, and a soft touch design . Pair it with one of their ultra-premium cartridges and you’re all set.

Dr. Dabber SWITCH, $319.95

Take your vaping to the next level with Dr. Dabber’s SWITCH. This upscale vaporizer features a one-of-a-kind heating technology, self-cleaning mode, and auto cooldown cycle.

Courtesy of PAX

PAX3 Vaporizer, $212.49

Available in an array of colors, the dual-use vaporizer (pictured above) works for both dry herb and extract. Paired with a mobile app, you can customize the strength of the hit, allowing dosage to be fully within your control.

Downtime Indica Blend Vaporizer Pen, from $34

Beboe’s pen is the perfect companion if you’re seeking a relaxing night in.

Pipes & Bongs

Maye Lopez Bong, $160

Handmade in Mexico by artisan ceramicist Maye Lopez, this natural terracotta bong (pictured at top) is one you’ll want to display front and center on your mantel.

Beaker Style Water Pipe, $178

Marley Natural’s beaker-style pipe is bound to impress with its durable hand-blown borosilicate glass and high functionality.

Hudson Bettie Pipe, $65

Not only is this beautiful piece coffee table-approved, but also watching the smoke billow through the clear, glass chamber offers a certain visual appeal. This disc-shaped pipe by Laundry Day allows the smoke to cool down, resulting in a smooth hit as you inhale.

Charlotte Amber Pipe, $45

This dainty pipe is the perfect one hitter for when you’re on the go. Inspired by the 1970’s, you’ll be discreet, stylish, and prepared for picnics, concerts, and the like.

Courtesy of Tetra

Tetra Oracle Pipe, $60

Handmade with no two looking exactly alike, these colorful pipes from Tetra are art pieces you’ll want to show off.

Papers & Smoking Accessories

Shine King Size 6-Sheet Pack, $45

Float through your day with these luxurious handcrafted 24K gold rolling papers.

Silly Papers, $10

Stay playful with these rolling papers from Sweetflag. Complete with six 11/4 sheets per pack, choose from one of their four fun styles, including a peace sign pattern and a Rasta colorway.

Natural Wood Rolled Smoke Filter, $18

Keep your rolled smokes au naturel with these shaved maple filters.

Courtesy of Sweetflag

Ankh Clip, $60

Made in Oregon, this ankh clip is a 4/20 necessity. Rendered in brass and finished with a 24K gold layer, this classy accessory keeps your joint within easy reach.

Rose Gold Grinder, $25

This blingy grinder is functionality at its finest, complete with a pollen catcher and small spatula on the bottom tier.

Nailed It Multi-Tool, $48

Upgrade your smoke kit with Laundry Day’s quirky Nailed It Multi-Tool. Offering a variety of services including scraping, cleaning, or packing your bowl, the functional tool looks like a piece of quirky miniature art.

Eyelet Tamper, $20

This 24K, gold-dipped, brass multi-use tool can be used to pack your pipe or hold your pre-roll in its circular eyelet.

Tetra Slide Lighter, $20

Light up without a flame using this sleek lighter from Tetra. The compact, rechargeable, and fuel-free lighter is available in blue, black, warm gold, or iridescent.

Pink Pre-Roll Case, $18

Remain discreet while porting your pre-rolls with this chic, compact, stainless steel case by Kelly Magnets.

Courtesy of Love and Destroy

Cross Bar Ashtray, $90

Available in matte black, polished gold, or blasted stainless steel, choose your aesthetic with this minimalist vessel (above) by Love and Destroy.

Norden Room Spray, $34

No one minds the cannabis smell while smoking, but the lingering odor? Not so much. Refresh your space post-puffing with Norden’s Room Spray.

Edibles with Pretty Packaging

Mood33 Cannabis Infused Sparkling Water, single bottle from $7.99

Stay cool this 4/20 with this infused beverage. Whether you’re chilling at the park or hanging by the pool, this delicious mix of yerba mate leaves, peppermint, and dried lemon peel is the perfect way to celebrate. Use the store locator on their website to track it down.

Mr. Moxey’s Mints, from $19

These fresh and subtle treats are the best route to that perfect high. Crafted in small batches using plant-based tea, Mr. Moxey’s  mints provide a great low-dose experience.

Vireo Cannabis Infused Olive Oil, $45

Cook or saute your favorite meal with this locally sourced and 100% Californian cannabis infused olive oil this holiday.

Kin Slips, from $40

Plant-based and 100% natural, Kin Slips quickly dissolve under your tongue for a quick and precise cannabis dose. Not only are the strips compact and portable, but they are carefully crafted with only the best ingredients.