Sleep-In@Nordstrom has everything you need to sleep easier

SleepIn@Nordstrom Pop-Up Shop
Courtesy of Nordstrom

Nordstrom’s pretty good at knowing what we need—whether that’s a retail therapy visit to their shoe department, on-trend food wares from ultra-cool, boutique brands, or simply a good night’s sleep.

That’s what the department store’s latest pop-up shop is after. At Sleep-In@Nordstrom, there’s no shortage of essentials and accessories designed to help you catch some ZZZs and look good while doing it.

The National Sleep Foundation found earlier this year that Americans don’t prioritize sleep enough, putting much needed shut-eye on the back burner from other obligations like work, social life, fitness, and hobbies. Apparently, most of our nocturnal lives could use a little more attention, and Nordstrom’s got a solution.

Their new sleep-centric iteration of the Pop-In@Nordstrom series launched in select stores and online last Friday, and features the ergonomic Casper Wave mattress, along with other snoozing essentials from the San Francisco-based brand, like an ultra-plush dog bed and an all new line of dream-inducing linen sheets, exclusive to Nordstrom. Some of our top picks also include an adorable glowing cactus nightlight from Goodnight Light, aromatherapeutic eye pillows from L.A.-based Bodha, and Klova’s melatonin-infused sleep patches for when counting sheep won’t quite do the trick.

The collection is available through late August and can be shopped in-store at select locations in Bellevue, Vancouver, Seattle, Costa Mesa, and Los Angeles. Sweet dreams!