These Dutch ovens have the look to double as serving bowls and the durability to provide you with warm meals for many winters to come.

Hearth and Hand Target Dutch Oven
Courtesy of Target

Just like a summer barbecue, winter soups and stews can be the perfect combination. Sitting inside with a hot, homemade soup while the wind howls and the snow falls is one of the coziest feelings out there. But if you’re going to spend hours with a stew bubbling away on the stove, you’re going to need the right vessel: a Dutch oven.

The tradition of the Dutch oven dates back to the 17th century, when the need for an inexpensive but durable cooking vessel that could handle open flames led to its enduringly simple cast-iron design. The Dutch oven isn’t alone in this tradition, either. From Russia to South Africa and Australia, people created tough cast-iron pots to use in open-flame cooking. The Dutch oven’s humble design hasn’t changed much over the years, besides new colors and slight shape changes, but then maybe that’s because each one has the potential to last a generation or two.

Once you’ve got a Dutch oven, there are scores of great recipes out there you can make with it, like crumbles, pies, and baked pastas. But which Dutch oven is right for you? We’re here to help. If you plan on hosting big parties, check out some of the larger 7, 8, or 9-quart ovens. Looking to keep things smaller? There are 1 and 2-quart options perfect for one- and two-person households. If your kitchen has a crisp, clean look, then one of the many glossy enamel-coated ovens may be a good fit. But if you want to keep it a little more rustic, the uncoated cast-iron is classic for a reason. Here are some of the Dutch ovens available now:

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Made out of four layers of premium enamel to add durability and create a nonstick surface, this 7-quart Dutch oven is also available with a special grill lid that has a cast iron griddle surface inside and can be used as a pan on the stove-top.

Dutch Oven, $165

Williams Sonoma

Williams Sonoma has a selection of Le Creuset Dutch ovens, often recognized as the ultimate kitchenware, available in a full range of sizes from 1 quart all the way up to a massive 9.5 quarts and in several fun colors.

Le Creuset Dutch Oven, $350

Caraway Home

The flared handles and range of available bright colors make this Dutch oven as sleek and elegant as it is hard-working and utilitarian.

Dutch Oven, $125

Martha Stewart

Featuring a stylish vintage design, this oven is available in 3 and 5 quarts and comes in either a tasteful gray or Martha Stewart’s signature light blue.

Enameled Cast Iron Round Dutch Oven, $79.20

Sur La Table

Thomas J. Story

Available in either 1, 2, 5, or 7 quarts, these ovens made by Lodge Cast Iron take the Dutch oven back to basics: simple durable iron pots with large handles for easy transport.

Lodge Dutch Oven, $71.95

Great Jones

With its attractive matte enamel and spacious oval shape, this Dutch oven deserves its royal name. The Dutchess has a capacity of 6.75 quarts and is dishwasher safe, so no matter how big a meal you’re making in it, cleanup is always easy.

The Dutchess, $160


Available in 3.5 or 5.5 quarts, this Dutch is the picture of elegance with its sleek design and glossy enamel, meaning it can go straight from a cooking tool to a serving vessel.

Cast-iron Dutch Oven, $110

Camp Chef

dutch oven being opened over roaring fire in the woods

Courtesy of Camp Chef

This rustic, 7-quart, plain cast-iron Dutch oven from Camp Chef is comfortable wherever you take it. It’s got everything that makes a Dutch oven great in the kitchen, plus lots of accessories that make it ideal for the outdoors too, like a lid lifter for opening from afar when cooking in an open flame.

Cast Iron Deluxe Dutch Oven, $79.99


Hearth and Hand Target Dutch Oven

Courtesy of Target

The simple styling and off-white enamel of this Dutch oven give it a nice homey feel, and the available sizes of 5 quarts or 0.5 quarts, there’s one oven for a big dinner and one for cozy nights alone.

Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven, $49.99