10 Stylish Pet Carriers

Totally adorable carriers for pet parents on the go

Stephanie Granada
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Wear-with-Anything Tote

Minimalism rules when it comes to a versatile doggy tote that doesn’t clash with any outfit. Bully canvas and cowhide leather make Jaxx Hound’s Classic Bag durable, while the washable microfiber and removable pillow inside maximize comfort. Plenty of mesh panels and a flap cover mean you can close the whole thing when your pup wants privacy without affecting the airflow.
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Linen Sling

Be warned: Once your fur baby meets this breezy sling, there’s a chance he’ll never want to get out. But that’s not so bad. Thanks to the wide shoulder strap and breezy, 100-percent linen fabric, you’ll be as comfy as your doggy. If you live in a cold spot, consider the wool version, which looks similar but feels much more cozy.
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Better Backpack

Consider this the only adventure carrier you’ll need for your pet. K9 is a believer in the “no dog left behind” policy. It’s a playful tagline, and the company delivers on it. Since your pup wears the carrier like a jumpsuit, you can strap him on your back and go anywhere. But, the company also embodies its mantra through philanthropic efforts that support the adoption of rescues.
4 / 10

Cozy Quarters

Winter is coming, but your fur baby will be protected with this herringbone pet carrier, which is lined with faux fur and stocked with a three-quarter-inch mattress. Thoughtful details set this carrier apart: Straps are padded around the shoulder for your comfort; the side has netting that can be loosened if your pup wants to stick his head out; and there’s no extra cost for personalizing the bag with your pooch’s name.
5 / 10


Pepito & Co’s Melollevo convertible bag turns into a plush lounge pad when you lay it flat. Zip it shut, and it’s a stylish pet carrier with loads of pockets and cool design details (like those studded breathing holes). Pieces are made-to-order, which means you have to wait four weeks to receive it, but that also gives you a chance to customize with your preferred colors. All of the materials are made in Spain adhering to sustainability and safety standards; parents of rescues get rewarded with 10 percent off purchases for a year.
6 / 10

Colorful Carrier

With its double stitching and double layer of duck cloth, Love Thy Beast’s classic pet carrier is made to last. Pups love to poke their heads out through the comfy side scoops; if it rains, you can rest easy knowing Fido will stay dry under the water-resistant canvas. Don’t worry—the zipper is tangle-proof to protect fur from getting caught.
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Wicker Park

Let your canine enjoy the childhood pleasure of riding on the handlebars with this rattan carrier. Everything is removable for your convenience: The sunshade comes off if Fido wants the extra space; the sheepskin liner can be tossed in the wash; and the whole thing easily unclips from the bike when you’re riding solo (but, why would you?).
8 / 10

Protected Pod

Nervous car riders benefit from enclosed, familiar nooks. That’s what you get with Sleepypod’s mobile bed. One of few pet carriers that’s crash-tested without being overly clunky or tacky, this design is also slim enough to fit under most airline seats during takeoffs and landings. When you get where you’re going, remove the dome and Fido can chill out in the open.
9 / 10

Waxed & Waterproof

Stephanie and Mike Wiggins spent months pouring over Amazon reviews to find out exactly what pawrents needed and weren’t getting out of their pet carriers. Combine that with intel from the luggage industry and their own experience as proud dog owners, and you’ll start to understand how the couple—who along with their dog, Django, have lived everywhere from California to Oregon to New York—designed the perfect commuter bag. It has a waxed canvas exterior and a nylon interior (both attractive and water-resistant), durable leather base and handles, and a roomy interior for dogs up to 30 pounds. Stash your phone, keys, treats, and waste bags in any of the four pockets, and go!
10 / 10

Space Cadet

Tom Stevenson was thinking about his cats when he designed these galactic-like backpacks. For kitties (and bunnies and small dogs) that aren’t apt to walk around outside, this carrier allows them a totally covered space to move around the world while being able to peek at what’s outside. Have a claustrophobic animal on your hands? The semi-sphere window can be replaced with mesh or left open depending on the pet.