Our intent going forward

Calm Mountain Lake

To our community: 

The past few weeks have been full of introspection for our small but diverse staff here at Sunset. Our mission is to celebrate life in the West, but in doing so through the years we have failed to truly represent the people who live and work here, and to elevate those whose ideas and identities we have benefited from. To better support and serve Black, indigenous, immigrant, and other underrepresented communities and people of color going forward, we have committed to a number of goals.

In terms of our coverage, as a minimum—not a ceiling—we are joining the @15percentpledge in our coverage of Black-owned businesses and voices. We have established weekly diversity targets in our story assigning and selection. And we are increasing the diversity of our staff and contributor pool. 

On a personal level, our staff will engage with nonprofits focused on addressing the needs of the Black community in a significant brand-sponsored service project each quarter. (We are based in Los Angeles and welcome any suggestions.) 

And finally, on a systemic and institutional level: While we’re intent on moving forward, it is difficult to do so fully without learning from how we have created and amplified systems of appropriation, exclusion, and racism through our 120-plus years of history. To that end we’ve partnered with the Stanford University Department of Special Collections, where the Sunset archives are housed, to begin a rigorous analysis that we intend to make public. We believe any legacy title—especially those spanning so many generations and so much change—should invite in the same bright light. If you are interested in learning more about this initiative please reach out

This will not happen overnight, but we’re committed and we’re energized to do better. As we grow and have the resources to do more, we will. 

We love you, we appreciate you, and we thank you. 

Black Lives Matter today and every day. 


Team Sunset

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