Thomas J. Story

Pastel hues dress up holiday ornaments

Sunset  – November 23, 2004

Time: 1 hour, plus drying time

Cost: $20 to $25 for 10

Tools and materials

Small foam brush

Acrylic paint in white, soft blue, and soft green (about 2 ounces of each)

Plain papier-mâché balls (sold at crafts stores)

Pearl-finish acrylic paint



White glue

Optional: hole reinforcements, glue syringe (sold at art supply stores), masking tape



1. Paint the balls; allow them to dry.

2. Add a top coat of pearl-finish paint; allow to dry.

3. Mix glitter and sand equally.

4. With glue, create patterns on the painted ornament and sprinkle with glitter-sand mix. Let dry.

Tips: To create clean and consistent polka dots, apply hole reinforcements to the ball and place glue in holes. Immediately sprinkle with glitter; after a few minutes, remove the hole reinforcements. For fine lines, try using a glue syringe. You can also make patterns by masking off areas with tape before applying glue.

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