Give your Thanksgiving table a touch of elegance with an intricate-looking folded napkin.

Sunset  – September 3, 2004

ELEGANT NAPKIN FOLD. To make the lotus-shaped fold, follow the basic instructions and diagram below. Our setting has a formal Asian twist, but for a more casual effect, you can replace the delicate lacquer vessel with a rustic soup bowl and the glass charger with a wood or earthenware one. If soup isn’t on your menu, place a small gourd or pumpkin inside the lotus flower fold.


To create the napkin fold, select a 15- to 17-inch-square linen or cotton napkin and lay it flat. Make sure the napkin has a well-stitched edge ― a hemstitched napkin works best.

Step 1 in folding napkin

1. Bring in all four corners to the center of the napkin.

Step 2 in folding napkin

2. Repeat step 1.

Step 3 in folding napkin 3. Flip napkin over and, again, repeat step 1. Step 4 in folding napkin 4. Flip napkin and gently pull out the petals. Place on charger.

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