Anyone can put three pieces of bamboo together and make a trellis. But at Sunset? We like to support our beans in style.

Photographs courtesy of TerraTrellis

I've been playing around with a few products from TerraTrellis, a two-woman, LA-based garden sculpture and design studio. The circular arbor (above) is now dripping in runner beans. It's pricey (retails at $840), but no expense is too big for my beans. All of their trellises are super modern shapes and made of rust-proof, powder-coated steel.

I'm also a big fan of the Ina Wall Trellis Jr ($289). It's a 36-inch square frame that pops out four inches from whatever it's mounted to, adding a sense of depth and allowing the vine to weave in and out.

Ina Wall Trellis Jr.

We really like the trend of artists turning their attention to the garden. Keep it up (in this case, literally).

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