Joanna Linberg

The Guy Green Desert Museum in 1965 (courtesy of Tucson Modernism Week)

Fans of midcentury design, time to grab a ticket to Tucson. The Arizona city's annual Modernism Week begins Friday, October 2, highlighting the way the architectural characteristics of MCM design were translated with regional materials--and how it continues to evolve.

Some can't-miss highlights:

  • A walking tour of modern landmarks in downtown Tucson
  • An intimate session with master sign maker Jude Cook as he explains what goes into restoring signs made in the '50s and '60s
  • A vintage trailer show (!)
  • A home tour of some of the best examples of the style across the city.
An all-access pass to the whole week is only $150, or you can check the schedule to buy a la carte tickets for each event.




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