With warm weather upon us we’re going to be spending more time outside, we’re all for designing a space that compliments your interiors and allows you to take advantage of spending more time outdoors!
Bringing the Indoors Out

As summer nears, you’re going to be spending more time outside so it’s all about designing a space that makes you excited to be outdoors. When planning an outdoor space, it’s important to think about your lifestyle and how you will be using this space. You should think of your exterior space as an extension of your home. We like to layer outdoor spaces in a way that feels interesting and unique, while remaining consistent with the rest of the home. We look for fabrics and accents with a similar color palette as the interior to create a cohesive look.

One thing to pay close attention to is your surrounding views. Views play a huge role in how we look at the design and space plans of an outdoor area. We understand that surrounding scenery is often a huge reason our clients chose their home, so we want to take best advantage of their views in our design. With this in mind, we focus on arranging lower set furniture pieces such as ottomans, swivel chairs and benches that offer seating centered around the view.

This large rooftop patio was designed with the view in mind, overlooking downtown Los Angeles we used two long outdoor sofas and an oversized chaise to offer plenty of room to lounge on long summer days. We also added a cozy corner using four swivel chairs to get lost in conversation on summer nights. It’s important to incorporate the natural beauty of the outdoors in your space by using organic elements such as stained woods, outdoor linens and cotton. We love to finish off any space with decorative pillows, they help tie everything together and offer an added touch of comfort.