Cost Plus World Market wants to be your affordable global bazaar, and that's really where they shine: Interpreting patterns and motifs fr...
How to shop at World Market like a home editor
photo via World Market

photo via World Market

Cost Plus World Market wants to be your affordable global bazaar, and that’s really where they shine: Interpreting patterns and motifs from around the world into well-priced items. I like to shop their rugs and accessories to test out a new style or color palette–without the cost of a ticket to Marrakesh. Here are my favorite items at World Market right now.

photos via World Market

1. You could go on Pinterest and find DIY instructions for projects like this, but why when you can buy it for way less hassle? This wooden marquee sign uses LED bulbs and operates on batteries, so it’s great for outside. $59.99

2. This throw pillow is the perfect way to try out a daring color palette. The ikat pattern has been around a while, but the purple and mustard yellow hues make it fresh. $29.99

3. A fluffy stool like this is just the type of thing a stylist brings to a shoot because it always adds that something extra to a room. Put it wherever you need a little oomph. $79.99

4. This desk is a modern classic. I’d pick it up to use as a dining room table or a work surface. As with any mass store, the more natural the materials (wood and metal here), the longer the style will last. Top, $129.99; base, 159.99

5. Reason number one this is a good buy: It’s made from recycled yarn. Reason number two: It will add color in a small dose. Reason number three: Everyone loves a pouf. $129.99

6. This flat-weave jute is another great way to add subtle color. Layer it over existing neutral carpet or rugs. And don’t worry too much about matching it perfectly–it’s predominantly gold, which goes with just about anything. $149.99

7. Matte black is a trend in housewares right now–and these look great–but there’s no reason to spend a fortune on a totally new set of dishware just to keep up. Buy a few pieces–like the large chargers or the mugs–to mix in with what you have. Starting at $35.94

8. Finally, another rug (I told you I liked their rugs). This simple pattern is modern, but you’ll get tired of it before it goes out of style. I like this muted red, too–it will brighten up a neutral room. $149.99


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