Bring a relaxed yet luxurious vibe home with these hotel design tips

Get the Vibe: Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles

The Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles is one of those. Roman Alonso of Commune Design, the design team behind the hotel, gave us his tips for bringing that feeling home.

JC: How do you create a relaxed hotel room vibe at home? RA: You want sound quality to be good, meaning quiet—it’s part of making the space cozy and warm. At home you can line walls with wood or fabric-covered panels. Drapery helps too.

What’s a common mistake in bedroom design? I’m a big believer in having your sleeping area separate from the rest of the room. And it should always be about function first. If an element doesn’t have function, it doesn’t belong in the room.

How do you warm up a pared-down room? Lighting! You want multiple sources: something overhead for bright light, reading lamps for isolated lighting, and always a diffused light (like the Noguchi lamps at the Ace). It should all be on dimmers so you can create different moods.

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