Joanna Linberg

photo: Joanna Linberg

A few weeks ago, I flew to Denver on a top secret Sunset mission. I can't share the particulars yet, but know it's going to be good.

In the meantime, you need eye candy. I stayed at the Hotel Teatro in downtown Denver, which was recently renovated by Catherine Frank of Studio Frank. Both the lobby and the restaurant, Nickel, have a Rockies-meets-farmhouse-meets the best leather you’ve ever seen vibe. Here’s how to get the look of the restaurant’s main dining room.

Neutral drapes (try Elemental in Lait) + an edgy trellis pattern = a classic fabric mixBlack library lamp + industrial-tinged pendant = lighting with attitudeUpholstered side chair + steely blue fabric for the back + caramel leather for the seat = a chair I don't want to live withoutAn oval, metal-rimmed table + traditional salt and pepper shakers = perfect table service


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