Designer feed: simple fall decor and organized kitchens
Thomas J. Story / Sunset Publishing

Thomas J. Story / Sunset Publishing

Here at our Menlo Park HQ, it just got chilly. The cold air puts me in an organizing mood (I gave my closet the once-over last weekend), so I looked at IG and found cold weather loving, de-cluttering soul mates. Take a look:

1. Jennifer Jones of Niche Interiors might be planning to carve these puppies up, but I love them displayed just the way they are. Fall, simply.

the insides of my client's kitchen. I'll take care of everything And the kitchen sink #LKLprojects

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2. I am powerless in the presence of drawer dividers. Lynn K. Leonidas knows her way around kitchen organizing, earning all my heart eye emojis.

I promise it makes sense in my head.

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3. The mood board to end all mood boards. I trust Andy Beers of Ore Studios when he says it all makes sense in his head. I can’t wait to see the result. (P.S. This messy in-progress stuff is my favorite type of shot. Something about seeing the creativity in action inspires me every time.)

4. New Spanish style is grabbing my attention lately, especially as we’re picking out the old (as in, 17th-century) Spanish pieces to bring with us to our new offices. Old or new, I love it, and so does the team at JAC Interiors.


5. Justina Blakeney, queen of color and pattern, launched a wallpaper line! First one to install this in their house and send me a photo wins.

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