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After last week, I was really hoping to find someone decorating around a life-size replica of the Millennium Falcon, but no luck. (But if that's you, tell me!) Instead, I found gorgeous rugs, some interesting art, and the only place I want to be right now. Not a bad trade-off.

1. A lineup of area rugs (I think at a Madeleine Weinrib showroom) shows what a work of art the floor can be. Also, Julie Babin is slinging some good advice on choosing a rug in the caption.

2. I'm still not over black and white, especially in a vintage-y bathroom. Homepolish designer Stefani Stein is not helping my addiction.

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3. The only words for this are Take Me There (now, please). Mary McDonald might be traveling, but this would be a fun look to replicate at home in a den.

Obsessed! Shopping but trying not to buy.....#girlsweekend #palmsprings

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4. Tamara Kaye-Honey is taking her followers along on a shopping trip to Palm Springs and I'm getting loads of inspiration. (I wonder if I can DIY that way of hanging art?)

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5. Cool chairs, nice table, yeah yeah, what I'm into is the art. It looks like patchworked denim (and crushed velvet?) stretched over a canvas and I am digging it. Kelly Wearstler's always on top of what's cool, of course.


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