Joanna Linberg

Thomas J. Story / Sunset Publishing

My favorite shots this week betray I've got cozy settings on my mind: throws, warm kitchens, and fireplaces. Happy October!

1. Amber Lewis' new shop is bonkers. She's been a favorite of mine for years and I'm super excited to see her open a physical store where the rest of us can walk in and get a piece of her confident, effortless style.

Back to modern civilization as we know Healdsburg, CA. #laradacky @doublebutter

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2. This year's Idea House designer got married recently (congratulations, Megan and Dave!) and has been 'gramming her way through her wine country honeymoon, showing off all our favorite spots. I love the look she captured at H2 in Healdsburg.

Rattling stick production house coming together

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3. Please let green kitchens be the next white kitchens. I love white kitchens, but I also love surprises. Shayne Blue is great at surprises.

4. I'm sold on the mantel-less fireplace. It's so clean and serene. Nice job, Jenilyn.

So many new fun pillows and throws in the studio 👍🏼

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5. It's faux fur! And now you want it even more for your Game of Thrones viewing, don't you? You can get it at Vanillawood.

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