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There's no cute way to lead into this so I'll just say it: I found a living room decorated around a life-size Iron Man figure. I couldn't love this more. It is amazing and personal and BAM Design Lab rules the world this week.

1. As someone who once topped my Christmas tree with an Iron Man figurine, I feel you, anonymous client of BAM Design Lab. (The tree topper was my husband's idea, but I endorsed it.) Hats off to the designers for making the rest of the room so sleek, I don't even bat an eye at Mr. Stark in the corner there.

#antique #pottery #SantaFe

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2. My Southwest style fix: sorted. Thanks to Arizona and New Mexico designer Chandler Prewitt, I have a direct feed of gorgeous tile, patterns, inlays, and other details he spots while on the job.

3. The world needs more color, and the designers at House of Jade are on it. Take a close look at that wallpaper--you can't help but smile. Let's paper all the things with it.

Fun JAC shoot in #studiocity #interiordesign #kitchen #kartell 💕

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4. Since we're hitting all my sweet spots this week, let's not forget metallic Kartell bar stools. So yummy and such a great way to give an edge to this traditional kitchen. I'm not surprised--the JAC Interiors team has a way of shaking up their projects in a way I really like.


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5. A gorgeous woven wall hanging! And a puppy! Just when you thought your Wednesday couldn't get better, Holly Mueller hands us this 'gram full of adorableness.

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