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Last summer, my husband and I bought two vintage upholstered chairs the dealer had vaguely labeled "mid-century." We needed extra seating in our living room and the pale pink velvet? Well, we didn't hate it. We still don't. The chairs make me smile all the time--an awesome chair will do that. (See below!)

1. I echo all the commenters when I say: This. Chair. It's amazing--rattan plus rope plus a thick cushion equals perfect. Blackband Design, you know what you're doing.


"Eye" spy our @mwardstudio vase on @damselindior's super cool console #shopconsort 📷-@christopherpatey

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2. Photography might be my favorite art medium. It's immediately transportive and opens my eyes to how beautiful the world around me is. A+ to this yachting scene shared by Consort Design.


3. I'm still digging black and white interiors. It's so flexible. Pick a color, any color, and imagine it added to this space: It works. Cheers, Shift Interiors.


4. Try this for a five-minute makeover: Layer a mirror and framed art on your nightstand like Caitlin Flemming did on hers. It's so Parisian.


@littlepinerestaurant is the newest little gem in our neck of Silverlake. It's just a block away from our office!

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5. I can never resist a well-styled shelf. Project M Plus snapped this and I'll be poring over it for ideas like turning some of my books cover-out.

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