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My sister recently finished stripping, repainting, and decorating her porch by herself. Her husband was hands-off for this project and she surprised me by saying, "I actually like it more that way. It's so satisfying to look at the finished product and know I did it all myself." Get it, girl. What projects are you taking on (solo or otherwise) soon? Tell me in the comments, and get inspired by what the Western designers are tackling lately.

1. "Bling made by a babe," someone commented on Samira Gagné Ludwin's recent post about the launch of her Makers Hardware line. I concur and immediately sent this to a friend who is about to start a major remodel.

Hanging in the men's room #katiemartinezdesign

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2. I keep coming back to marble. It goes with everything--but my favorite look right now is the moody dark tile and wood that Katie Martinez is working lately. That slab of marble inset into the wood countertop is so good.

Looking to add some texture? Just in @rpmiller Guatemalan woven textiles!

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3. Move over, mudcloth. Guatemalan textiles might be the latest It material for pillows and upholstery. Hollywood at Home is on it, which is no surprise. They're on top of (or setting) all the trends.

Cuffhome Unfinished in Indigo printing now!

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4. Dreamy, stunning, covet-worthy. I've used all these words to describe the watercolor-style wallpapers Black Crow Studios produces. File this indigo number under "Someday."

Take me back to the weekend! #whenbaemakesthebed

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5. This whole bed is beautiful, but I'm dying for a better look at that pillow popping out in the center. But I have a pillow obsession. Maybe Caitlin Murray will send help (or pillows).

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