Designer Feed: DIY, color palettes, and brass

Joanna Linberg

Thomas J. Story / Sunset Publishing

Today is all about surprises. A DIY project I didn’t think was possible, a secret garden, a surprising color palette–these are the delightful ideas that make my hours of Instagram scrolling worth it.

1. Guys, these macrame stools are a DIY project. I’m so impressed with you, Joyce Downing Pickens. And thank you for showing us the way to our own ropey stools.

2. I am into this secret sunken succulent garden, spotted by Studio Revolution. I wonder if we can recreate it at our new headquarters in Oakland.

3. Stone roofs still standing in Spain are inspiring the Boulder-based Fieldwork Architecture team. I always love to see where designers are looking to get ideas.

4. Peach, mauve, mink brown–I wouldn’t trust these colors in the hands of anyone but Caitlin Murray of Black Lacquer Design. (And now I’m dying to see how she pulls it off.)

5. Brass cabinet! It’s hard to contain my squeals when faced with such a gorgeous furniture piece. Betsy and Max at Burnham Design are truly the best at finding interesting pieces.

(P.S. We’re taking a two-week break. See you all with more inspiration after the holiday!)