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It is slow going this week, isn't it? Pry yourself out of bed (and our shared holiday stupor) with a few of my favorite things: flowers, watercolors, bookcases. Here's hoping your 2016 is full of what you like best.

The flip side of the famous blue den - styled by @scotthorne, photo by @davidtsay ⚡️

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1. This could not be more in my wheelhouse. The most gorgeous blue (seems so Scandi!), shelf after shelf of book, a globe. Taylor Jacobson, are you sure this doesn't have my name on it?

2. Hello, gorgeous. In my Perfect Life Fantasy, stylist Scott Horne basically has his way with my house, starting with a gorgeous arrangement like this on my nightstand.

3. Watercolors are mesmerizing. Over the holidays, I experimented with watercolors with my young niece and nephew (their finished works were much cooler than mine, believe me) and Emilie Munroe is right--it's more relaxing than an adult coloring book.

4. Did you get a record player for Christmas? Photographer David Tsay captured a gorgeous way to work it into your home. Stay tuned for our post on pairing vinyl with art (if only!).

And to all a good night. 📷 @jess_isaac from our 1 bed, 4 ways shoot.

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5. I spent my break giving my bedroom a little refresh: new drapes and shades, a new duvet, plans to paint a room divider as soon as it's cold and dry enough. Another option? Moroccan wedding blanket on the wall, as shown by stylist Emily Henderson. If I had one, I'd do this.

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